I Dream Of Jeenie

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I Dream Of Jeenie

conatus.nu: Finden Sie I dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem. Directed by Hal Cooper. With Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Hayden Rorke, Bill Daily. Jeannie is jealous of Tony meeting an old flame. When he gets her to. Durch Zufall wird Astronaut Tony Nelson Meister eines Flaschengeistes, der ihm in Gestalt der attraktiven Blondine Jeannie jeden Wunsch erfüllt. Da Jeannie aber etwas ungeschickt zu Werke geht, muss Nelson manch verunglückten Wunsch wieder.

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Durch Zufall wird Astronaut Tony Nelson Meister eines Flaschengeistes, der ihm in Gestalt der attraktiven Blondine Jeannie jeden Wunsch erfüllt. Da Jeannie aber etwas ungeschickt zu Werke geht, muss Nelson manch verunglückten Wunsch wieder. Bezaubernde Jeannie (im Original: I Dream of Jeannie) ist eine US-​amerikanische Fernsehserie, die auf NBC vom 8. September bis zum Mai mit. conatus.nu - Kaufen Sie I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. conatus.nu: Finden Sie I dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem. - Erkunde Angie Imholzs Pinnwand „I dream of jeanny“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu bezaubernde jeannie, fernsehserie, barbara eden. Directed by Alan Rafkin. With Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily, Edmon Ryan. When Jeannie says she wants to be his secretary, Tony tells Jeannie that. Directed by Hal Cooper. With Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Hayden Rorke, Bill Daily. Jeannie is jealous of Tony meeting an old flame. When he gets her to.

I Dream Of Jeenie

conatus.nu: Finden Sie I dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem. - Erkunde fischs Pinnwand „i dream of jeannie“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Bezaubernde jeannie, Fernsehserie, Serien. Bezaubernde Jeannie (im Original: I Dream of Jeannie) ist eine US-​amerikanische Fernsehserie, die auf NBC vom 8. September bis zum Mai mit. The next day she finds out it was a man that Gaminator Games stood up, and she says she will believe him from now on. I Dream of Jeannie is an American sitcom with a fantastical premise. When they discover he has taken the bottle, Dr. Roger gets the answer, but is immediately sent on a Alaskan survival mission. Tony, as Roger, has difficulties at the Club, first with the Maitre D', and Stargames Schnapsen with one of Roger's girlfriends. Jeannie II is intent on uprooting her sister's recent marriage to Tony because she feels that the newly Spiele Mit A astronaut should have been hers. Tony's eccentric mother Spring Byington comes to William Hill Casino Club Sign Up and declares her intention to stay.

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Sidney Sheldon. Filming date: December 2—4, [1]. Guest stars: Henry Corden as Jeannie's Father. Florence Sundstrom appears as Jeannie's Mother.

Desert survival becomes luxurious when Jeannie follows Tony on a mission and outfits him with food, shelter, and transportation. Do to an ankle injury, Tony stays behind as Roger goes on.

After the mission Roger begins to question Tony's good fortune while he suffered in the sweltering heat. Guest Star: Mako as Kato.

Jeannie misses Tony whenever he goes off to work. When Jeannie says she wants to be his secretary, Tony tells Jeannie that she has to join the Air Force.

Jeannie goes through W. Edmon Ryan appears as Col. Joe Fenton. There is trouble on the high seas when Jeannie follows Tony on a yacht for a very important meeting with P.

When Tony orders her to go home and she does so in the blink of an eye, the Ferguson's think her sudden disappearance is a sure sign of murder.

Lindsay Workman appears as General William Fletcher. Sandra Gould appears as Tony's housekeeper. Tony is scheduled to take a historic walk into outer space, but Dr.

Bellows wants him to take a few medical tests first. Jeannie envisions her beloved Master floating helpless in space and decides to sabotage the tests from her hiding space in Tony's jacket.

Dabney Coleman guest stars as Lt. George Conway identified as "Lt. George Webb" in the closing credits. Davis Roberts appears as Walter, an assistant to Dr.

Jeannie becomes enthralled by a magazine article that explains how to be the perfect American woman. She hopes to impress her Master with her self-reliance, but her domestic touches soon prove disastrous.

Harry Essex , Jerry Seelen. Jeannie is jealous when Tony goes out to dinner with the famous screen actress Rita Mitchell Nancy Kovack in Hollywood.

She decides to become a movie star to compete with her alleged rival, but soon realizes that genies do not show up on camera.

Family comes to call when Jeannie summons one of her great grandfathers, Bilejik J. Carrol Naish , to help Tony with an experiment to turn sea water into fresh water.

Bilejik says he will share the secret, but only if his unusual request is met. Meanwhile, Jeannie, while invisible, takes Tony's car out for a drive.

Bellows sees the car without a driver and Tony must make up a reason. Chet Stratton uncredited appears as "The Botanist". Note: The interior of Tony's neighbor's house is the interior set from Bewitched.

There is romance in the air when one of Tony's ex-girlfriends, Diane Elizabeth MacRae , asks if they can start seeing each other again.

Jeannie feels betrayed until Tony's best friend, Roger Healey, asks her out on a date. Now jealousy is spreading as Tony uses his date with Diane to make sure Jeannie does not get into trouble with Roger.

Note: The DVD release features a reconstructed soundtrack with new laugh track. Theodore J. Mothers usually know best so Jeannie decides to follow her mom's Lurene Tuttle advice to make Tony jealous by accepting Roger Healey's marriage proposal.

She blinks into existence two rich parents Oliver McGowan and Avis Scott and a mansion across the street from Tony's house on a vacant lot Dr.

Bellows just purchased. Jack Collins appears as General Hadley. Walter Woolf King appears as a minister.

Guest Star: Henry Hunter as Chaplain. James Allardice, Tom Adair. Tony has a lot of work and doesn't have time for Jeannie. However, it is the day of Ramdah when masters must journey to Mecca to recite the ancient words or their genie will lose her powers and disappear.

Once they are there, they must break into the Bank of Mecca in order to stand in the exact spot to recite the words.

They are almost captured by police, but Tony says the words and saves Jeannie. Roger accidentally discovers that Jeannie is a genie and steals her bottle.

She makes him extremely wealthy, with large houses, cars and yachts. Tony tells Dr. Bellows of Roger's new found wealth. General Peterson wants him arrested on suspicion of selling government secrets to foreign countries.

To get out of trouble, Roger agrees to give Jeannie back to Tony. Hal Cooper. Note: Henry became a regular cast member next season as Dr.

Bellows's wife, Amanda Bellows. Jeannie wants to accompany Tony on a three-week cruise to Italy. He finally agrees, but only if she can manage to obtain a legal passport without the use of her magic, otherwise she must go with him in her bottle.

Roger needs an appendectomy. Jeannie makes Tony's dream of becoming a doctor come true and puts him in Roger's operating room. Bellows arrives and begins to suspect that it is Tony posing as the doctor.

He tells Gen. Petterson, who is skeptical. As Dr. Bellows brings Gen. Peterson to the operating room to catch him, Jeannie blinks Tony out just in time.

Maureen McCormick appears as a girl patient in the hospital. Peter Leeds appears as a patient who makes unwanted advances towards Jeannie.

Jane Dulo appears as a nurse. Claudio Guzman. Celebrating their recent promotions to Major, Tony and Roger spend time in Reno, Nevada after giving some lectures locally.

Thinking Jeannie will be his Lady Luck, Roger smuggles her along on the trip, setting Tony up for trouble in the casino. Herbert Anderson appears as Commander Davis.

Bellows is sure he saw an elephant in Tony's bedroom, but all is normal when he returns with General Peterson. Determined to prove the existence of magic in Tony's house as well as his own sanity, Dr.

Bellows makes himself Tony's new roommate. During the night Jeannie plays some tricks on Dr. Bellows and he leaves frightened. Tony is less than impressed by the new woman in Roger's life, Madame Zolta, a clairvoyant fortune teller.

Planning to reveal her for the fraud she is, Tony arranges a neighborhood seance. Chuck Yeager guest stars, as well as Jorja Curtright a.

Sidney Sheldon and Natalie Leeb, Sidney's mother. Note: Filming date: January 11, [2]. Jeannie steals a pair of slippers from a museum that were hers years ago.

Tony says she must return them or he will go to jail and the U. At first she refuses, but in the end and without him knowing it, she helps him get the shoes back to the museum.

Tony is asked to escort the visiting Princess Tarji Gila Golan for three days, but the assignment turns into a royal pain when Jeannie sees a picture of the woman and realized that their families are long-time enemies — and that she is obliged by oath to kill her.

To save the princess, Tony sends Jeannie around the world with tasks so massive that she will miss the three days of her visit. Jeannie comes back early to find the Princess at Tony's house.

Tony makes up a story that the Princess was adopted so Jeannie will leave her alone. In the end, Jeannie befriends her.

Vic Tayback appears as Turhan, the Princess' secretary.. Bellows sees Tony napping on a chair that is floating off of the floor. When pressed for an explanation, Tony says he is an amateur magician and is asked to put on a magic show for NASA.

Bellows brings professional magician Nestor the Great to the show to watch Tony and explain how he floats. Jeannie levitates Tony and when Nestor says no man can do that, Jeannie levitates him as well.

Tony is struck by a vase and suffers from amnesia as a result. He forgets who Jeannie is and he instantly falls in love with her. Jeannie hopes he will ask her to marry him despite Roger's objections.

To celebrate their first anniversary, Jeannie makes Tony splashdown on the same desert island he originally found her on.

Tony finds another bottle with the evil Blue Djinn Michael Ansara in it. He was the one who imprisoned her into her bottle 2, years earlier.

He wants to kill Tony. Jeannie brings Tony back home, but the Djinn follows. Tony manages to trap him.

Determined to give her Master a well-deserved rest, Jeannie makes every day Sunday so no one has to work. Tony is not happy about what she did, and fearing nothing she does is right and she can never please Tony, she leaves.

But, she forgot to turn the calendar back on. Hoping she can hear him, Tony says he's sorry and Jeannie returns. Note: Filming Date: June 15, [3].

Through Jeannie's misguided attempts to help, Dr. Bellows thinks that Tony can change the weather at will. A Sgt. Ben Roberts Steve Ihnat asks Tony if he could change the weather to help his brother's farm.

Jeannie hears this, and before going to visit her family for awhile, makes it rain on the farm. Only problem is that the rain isn't stopping and the town's flooded.

Tony strains his eyes while studying for a sub-orbital flight. Bellows orders him to take an eye test the following morning, if he wants to participate the next NASA project.

By again trying to help, Jeannie plays havoc with her master's eyesight giving him x-ray vision, followed by making him almost blind. Guest star: Dick Wilson as Mr.

Wimple, who works at the dog pound. Note: First episode filmed in color filming completed January 27, [4].

Tony complains that Jeannie is constantly getting him into trouble. She replies she has not had much practice at being a genie. He believes "The Tales of the Arabian Nights" would be a good manual on how a genie should act to his master.

Tony tells Jeannie to read it, but he didn't know that it was about stories of genies who torture their masters. Jeannie's jealousy takes over when Tony insists on keeping a date with an old friend who Jeannie believes is a woman.

She blinks and Tony finds himself in jail in his living room for the night. The next day she finds out it was a man that Tony stood up, and she says she will believe him from now on.

Tony set her up, because he actually has a date with an old flame that night. The old girlfriend turns out to be married to a mobster Ted de Corsia , who shows up and wants to kill Tony.

Jeannie tells Tony she never had a birthday party since she does not know when she was born. Tony sends her back home to find out, but all her relatives remember her being born in a different month.

Jeannie is so sad that she doesn't know her birthday that she starts to vanish feet first. Just as they get the answer, Dr. Bellows comes in and takes the read out with the date.

With her powers weakened, Jeannie is trapped in Tony's desk at work. Bellows is having his office painted, so he wants to use Tony's office.

Roger gets the answer, but is immediately sent on a Alaskan survival mission. Tony throws Jeannie a pre-birthday party and she invites famous people from the past.

With the football season in full swing, Tony is constantly glued to the TV set. Jeannie realizes she must do something to get his attention and decides to make Tony jealous.

She conjures up romantic "Tony Millionaire" Mike Road to do the job. Tony Millionaire seems perfect in every way and Tony slowly but surely is becoming very jealous.

Until one evening when Tony happens to see Jeannie conjure up the other Tony. He then tells Jeannie that he knew all along the other Tony was fake and he isn't that stupid.

Tony tells Jeannie that each year the Air Force puts on a TV talent show with contestants from each base.

Jeannie insists that Tony enter since they need a trophy for the mantle. Despite his lack of talent, Jeannie again "helps" him by giving him the equivalent of Enrico Caruso's operatic singing voice.

Unfortunately, Jeannie promised to never give him Caruso's voice again. But, she didn't promise not to give him someone else's voice.

Roger reveals Jeannie's birthday as April 1st. When Roger cancels a double date with Tony and Jeannie, Jeannie surmises that Roger has been unable to get a date himself.

Jeannie then makes Roger irresistible to all women, including Mrs. Bellows Emmaline Henry , resulting in Dr. Bellows attempting to send Roger to the Aleutian Islands.

Jeannie wishes to write a book about child care. After getting Tony's permission, she writes one, sends it to a publisher, and the book becomes a best seller.

However, Jeannie has put Tony's name as the author, which was a big mistake. As a result, he has to babysit Doctor Bellow's unruly nephew and General Peterson's incredibly shy granddaughter Gina Kimberly Beck who refuses to talk.

Butch Patrick guest stars as Richard. Guest star: Groucho Marx as Himself. He plants a microphone in Tony's office. In hopes of catching them, Tony sets up a fake rendezvous at a warehouse that evening.

General Peterson and Dr. Bellows show up and Dr. Bellows accuses Tony of being a spy double. I Don't Have a Driver's License".

Jeannie drives off in Tony's car without permission. She drives up a one-way street in the wrong direction where she is then stopped by Patrolman Don Anderson Alan Hewitt and given a ticket.

Tony tries to teach Jeannie driving and she makes the same mistake. Patrolman Anderson is there again. Jeannie disappears and Tony gets the ticket this time.

Roger and Tony go to court to fight the ticket and with Jeannie's help they win. Herb Vigran appears as Judge Hennessey. Note: The set used for the Bellows' house is the same used for Bewitched.

That costume is later used when Barbara Eden plays Jeannie's sister. The DVD release features a reconstructed soundtrack with a new laugh track.

Note: This is a clip show. Tony needs Sammy Davis Jr. Jeannie comes to the rescue by creating a duplicate of Sammy.

Jeannie has a nightmare that something terrible is going to happen to Tony. She is afraid because her dreams always come true.

When Jeannie assists Tony by reducing the size of a motor, she accidentally shrinks him as well. While she spends the day shopping, Tony is menaced by a cat.

Milton Frome appears as a produce clerk. When Tony tells Jeannie he is going to look for sunken treasure, she sends them both back in time to Captain Kidd's ship.

As she is one of Tony's ancestors, he must save her life or he'll cease to exist. The three of them manage to get off the ship and head to an island with the pirates in pursuit.

Jeannie conjures up Capt. Fenwick Digby Wolfe and some British soldiers before "blinking" her and Tony back home. Jeannie becomes General Peterson's secretary, because she hopes she can get Peterson to make Tony a general.

Bellows believes he recognizes her and thinks she may be a spy since she has not passed a security investigation. Amos Lincoln Bing Russell of the C.

Tony tricks Jeannie into giving up on him becoming a general, because he tells her generals must be married. Jeannie wants to marry Tony.

She puts a love spell on him, despite being warned by Haji Abraham Sofaer , the Master of all genies, that it is forbidden.

Once in Las Vegas, Haji makes Tony have several accidents that can only be undone if the love spell is taken off of him. Once Jeannie realizes that she has lost her powers to help Tony, she takes the spell off.

Jonathan Hole appears as a Hotel clerk. Jack Bailey appears as one of the doctors about to treat Tony.

Upon finding out Tony is going to give a lecture about Napoleon , Jeannie sends the two of them back to meet him.

After talking to Napoleon about not invading Russia, Napoleon thinks Tony is a spy. While Tony is in a dungeon, Jeannie tries to convince Napoleon that Tony was right.

Things do not go well, and as Tony is about to be executed, Jeannie brings them back home. Danielle De Metz appears as Josephine.

Allan Devon [n 1]. Learning that genies lose their powers if they marry a mortal, Tony proposes to Jeannie. Jeannie and Roger have Haji Abraham Sofaer see the future, and find out that it will be the perfect marriage.

After Roger finds out that Tony wants lots of children, Jeannie summons Haji again and finds out their daughter will be a genie.

Because Jeannie didn't tell Tony, Haji does and the wedding is off. A suspicious Dr. Bellows invites himself to dinner at Tony's house.

Tony believes he is looking for Jeannie, so Tony asks her to go out for the evening. When Tony asks Kathryn Golato Bridget Hanley , a former girlfriend to cook dinner, Jeannie gets jealous and tampers with the food to make it taste bad.

She then creates a cake that makes everybody act like children. Parley Baer as General Whiston.

Howard Morton as Mr. Sidney, a Beautician. After not seeing her for over years, Jeannie decides to invite her sister also named Jeannie for a visit.

When Jeannie II notices Tony's picture, she decides to trap Jeannie in her bottle and take her place as a way to steal her beloved master.

Jeannie II hopes to turn him into an international playboy taking him everywhere around the world. Note: Alternate director Hal Cooper appears as "Eddie".

Ron Friedman. Guest Stars: David Soul as an Orderly. Christopher Golato [n 1]. Note: Phil Spector , who is credited in this episode as "Steve Davis", guest stars as himself.

Boyce and Hart also perform "Out and About", which reached number 39 on the Billboard Hot in Mark Rowane [n 1]. During filming Roger constantly over-acts.

Roger overhears a conversation between Kerr and Dr. Bellows and thinks that their discussion about Tony's star making qualities is about him, so he goes even more over the top in his acting.

Before she can blink out she is accidentally struck on the head by Doctor Bellows. As a result she loses her memory and is brought to the hospital where she is hounded by a shyster lawyer Richard Deacon.

Tony and Roger then try to help her regain her memory by trying to convince her that she is a genie and in the process she turns Bellows into a mouse.

He is mistaken for a mouse that is to be put on a rocket heading for Mars. Tony and Roger try to not only get Jeannie's memory back, but turn Bellows back to normal before he heads for space.

Tony's eccentric mother Spring Byington comes to visit and declares her intention to stay. This does not meet with Jeannie's approval, especially as she finds fault in his housekeeping.

Jeannie tries all kinds of tricks to get rid of her. Tony's Mother reveals the main reason for coming is to try to marry off her son.

She only agrees to leave after meeting the blonde single Jeannie. Paul West. Jeannie gets jealous when Dr. When Tony arrives to pick up Bootsie, Jeannie changes his voice to make him sound cartoonish.

She then goes to the reception with Roger. Tony's voice is returned to normal and Bootsie is about to announce her engagement to Tony. But Jeannie plays a few tricks on her to prevent it.

Jesse White appears as Bootsie's manager. Jeannie's sister wants to steal Tony, so she tells Jeannie that she was born under the sign of the jinx and that she has to leave Tony for 15 years.

Jeannie tries to find Tony a wife to take care of him and introduces him to Helen Wheeler Shannon Farnon. Tony continues to see Helen, despite Jeannie II's pranks.

Guest Star: Mike Mazurki as Girard, one of the crooks. On the same day Jeannie is ordered to help train an inept young genie named Harold Bob Denver , Tony finds out that U.

President Lyndon B. Johnson will be coming for dinner. One genie is tough enough, but two turn out to be even more nerve wracking. Whether sweeping up or tossing the salad Harold can't seem to get anything right.

Guest Star: Don Ho as Himself. Disappointed at what he sees, Kamehameha tries to raise an army to retake Hawaii. While hiding in a safe destined for the Moon, Jeannie ends up locked inside when Tony accidentally closes the door.

Unfortunately, it appears the safe ends up on the rocket and on its way to the Moon. Jack Smith appears as Congressman Widdicomb.

It turns out Roger switched boxes and the safe did not go to the Moon. The safecracker and his helper then steal the safe, but when they find out it will explode if they get the combination wrong, they end up paying a pawnbroker Reta Shaw to get rid of it, who then sends it to a junkyard to be scrapped.

Tony thinks all is over after thinking the safe has been crushed, but it fell off the conveyor belt and was unharmed.

After getting it back, Tony and Roger try to get the safe's creator Ned Wertimer to open it, but he says only the President of the United States knows the combination.

When Jeannie's sister finds out Jeannie is locked in the safe, she arranges to have assignments between Tony and another astronaut Mike Farrell swapped, sending Tony to the Middle East.

When he goes to Baghdad searching for the head genie, she captures Tony and puts him in a birdcage. When Roger tries to rescue Tony, he is also imprisoned in the birdcage.

She is found out by her own master, Habib Ted Cassidy , who forces her to let them go. Guest Star: Ron Masak as Joe the ice cream man.

Jeannie tries to help by giving them more energy. This promts Porter to send the three of them to Skull Island without supplies. Porter believes it all to be a mirage.

After they return, Porter demands to go back to the island, with Tony and Roger explaining how they survived. When Tony finds out he has inherited an English castle, he takes Jeannie and Roger along to check it out.

Leslie Randall appears as Chauncy Smedley, the butler. To prove to Tony that she can do things without magic, she has Haji remove her powers for a week.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Bellows sees her, thinks Jeannie and Tony are secretly married and is appalled that she is running around in a harem costume and calling him master.

She comes to the conclusion that Tony is a tyrannical husband. She decides that Jeannie needs a divorce. When Jeannie tries to explain to Mrs.

Bellows and her lawyer that she is an actual genie, they believe she is crazy. Woodrow Parfrey appears as Mr. Murdock, Jeannie's divorce lawyer.

Tony makes a bet with Roger that Jeannie would never fall for another man. This leads to Tony disguising himself as a British officer and asking her out.

Jeannie sees though Tony's disguise and plays along, making Tony quite jealous. Due to her dastardly sister Jeannie II's meddling, Jeannie hates Tony to the point that she wants to kill him but is madly in love with Roger.

Jeannie II brags to Tony how she used a hate potion to turn Jeannie against him and a love potion for Roger. Tony grabs the potions, finds Jeannie, and reverses the spells.

Jeannie gives Roger one wish for his birthday. Roger accidentally wishes he could swap places with Tony in order to go on the Trailblazer I mission.

The two switch bodies and do not realize it right away. Roger is the only one that can undo the wish. Jeannie and Tony must try to find Roger before he takes Tony's place on the mission.

While doing so, they have to work hard to stop Dr. Bellows and Gen. Peterson from finding out the truth. Guest star: William Bassett as Clem. Jeannie's mother gives Jeannie some candies known as pipchicks.

When Tony eats one, he gains terrific strength. Abigail Finch Reta Shaw. But Tony says there is no real recipe, just a pinch of this and a pinch of that.

Tony is ordered to work on a new batch of pipchicks, but Jeannie's mother crosses them up with a different recipe.

Once eaten, these candies bring out the person's hidden inhibitions. Guest star: Rosey Grier as Sam, Roger's masseur.

Jeannie agrees to babysit her baby nephew, Abdullah played by Barbara Eden's real life son Matthew Ansara , while his parents are taking a late honeymoon.

She also agrees to take their place for their master, and leaves Tony and Roger to take care of Abdullah. While picking up items for her charity auction at Major Nelson's house, Amanda Bellows finds a friendly little stray dog and would like to adopt it.

It turns out to be Jeannie's dog, Djinn-Djinn, who has come home to his mistress. Among Djinn-Djinn's favorite tricks are turning invisible at inopportune times, and launching invisible attacks on anyone wearing a military uniform.

Ray Singer. Guest Star: Richard X. Slattery as Gen. Guest star: Roger Garrett as Joe. Jeannie II returns and says that she can help her sister get Tony to marry her.

She shows her how easy it is to get a man without the aid of magic. Jeannie II uses Roger as her guinea pig. Eventually she gets Roger to propose, and when Jeannie tries to use the same technique on Tony she fails miserably.

However, it turns out that this is just another scheme by Jeannie II to finally get Tony into her clutches. Note : This is the last appearance of Barton MacLane as General Peterson before the death of MacLane, who would appear in this role posthumously in 3 episodes.

However, he is shipped out before he can inform Jeannie and Roger. He is then replaced by a double who only knows the basics and when he arrives at Tony's he gets to experience first hand what life is like with a genie.

Things really become crazy when the double thinks that Jeannie is Tony's girlfriend and winds up inadvertently proposing to her.

Benny Rubin appears as an Arabian Reverend. Roger accidentally finds out that Tony has been replaced by a double and races to Tony's house to prevent the double from not only marrying Jeannie, but to prevent Doctor Bellows from finding out about her.

They are successful on both fronts, but still have no clue as to where the real Tony is. However, it is revealed that the impostor Tony is also a double agent working for a foreign power sent to steal the project the real Tony was working for.

Things really get complicated when the real Tony returns home. Note : The ending is stock footage from the Season 3 episode, "Tony's Wife".

Guest stars: Harold Gould as Irwin Winkler. Joan Tompkins as Mrs. Natalie Winkler. MacLane died of double pneumonia on New Year's Day , William Bassett as Sam Farrow, the prosecutor.

William Bramley as the policeman. General Schaeffer had previously appeared in episode Jeannie has a cold and passes it on to Tony by kissing him.

The cold symptoms wreak havoc with her powers. Tony adjusts Valerie's chair and Jeannie plunges it back, flipping over all the passengers and then makes him spill a drink on Valerie.

Seeing the film chained to Tony's wrist, Jeannie blinks. To test whether Tony and Roger can stand each other on a trip to the moon, Dr. Bellows orders Roger to move in with Tony.

Since must do their own housekeeping, Tony sends Jeannie away for a week. A rift develops when 3 beautiful girls help Roger move in.

Forced to leave the house while Roger is entertaining, Tony confides resentment to a soda jerk, who tells Dr. Jeannie secretly cleans up the house and arranges to have every wish granted in her absence.

Arriving to check, Dr: Bellows sees a cup of coffee in the air. When Tony and Roger quarrel about it, Dr. Bellows decides they can't work together, but defers his final decision.

Tony faces extinction in trying to rescue Jeannie from a gang of hoodlums. Jeannie blinks and Gen. Hamilton sees Tony knock out the whole gang.

He's sure he'll finally win a bet from Marine General Gutzy Gorman, whose fighters have been beating the Air Force for years. Tony tries to have Dr.

To build up his confidence, Jeannie has Tony splitting table and tapping through doors with his bare hands. Bellows falls in love with a stray dog at Tony's house.

While she is in the garage, the dog suddenly becomes invisible and attacks Tony. He dissuades Mrs. Bellows from taking the dog home while he seeks its owner.

After the dog turns on Tony and Roger, Jeannie explains it is her own Djnn Djinn, who tracked her all the way from Baghdad.

Tony yields to her please to keep the dog. Bellows inquires about the dog for his wife, Djinn Djinn, invisible, bites Tony again.

Jeannie suggests that Tony walk the dog to make friends with it. When Djinn Djinn pops out to chase a cat, the Bellows meet Tony dragging an empty leash.

Bellows decides to take the dog and Tony worries what will happen if Djinn Djinn vanishes before her eyes. Unable to start his car, Tony calls Jeannie to help.

She knocks over a lamp post and a policeman gives Tony a bunch of tickets. They meet Dr. Bellows and his wife and her cousin, Homer. Tony introduces Jeannie as his cousin, and Homer immediately moves in.

Unable to fend him off, Jeannie embroils Homer with a coffee machine, leaving him drenched,. She ruins Tucker's pitch on TV by exposing him as a chat.

Tony gets a shock when he finds Jeannie holding a baby. Then he learns she is minding Abdullah, her infant nephew, while his parents are on a belated honeymoon.

Jeannie leaves to take over her brother's duties and Tony is left with the baby. To cover up, Roger tells Dr. Bellows a cold is keeping Tony at home.

Hearing Roger's description of the symptoms, Bellows is sure Tony has developed Patagonian flu and rushes to examine him. Tony really feels sick when the doctor orders him into the hospital for observations.

Roger takes over the care of Abdullah. Sally, one of Roger's girl friends, thinks the baby is his, and slaps him. Tony's newspaper fails to arrive and Jeannie blinks up a copy, but gets the wrong date from Roger.

Roger leaves with the sports section and Tony chokes on reading the headline, "Astronaut Breaks Leg in Accident. At the base, Dr. Bellows confers with Comdr.

Ross about the next day's flight. Tony clutches the newspaper and voices concern for Roger. To back up Tony, Jeannie causes a series ofminor mishaps.

When Tony becomes wedged between two cars, she changes his leg to iron. Jeannie's mother sends some homemade candy called Pipchicks.

Tony eats one and has the strength of ten men. Jeannie explains it will soon wear off. Bellows feels marvelous after sampling one and sends it to be analyzed.

WAF Col. Finch thinks Tony made the candy and has solved the problem of space food. Although Tony protests he has no recipe, she transfers him to the Dietician's Section to concoct a fresh batch.

Jeannie begs her mother for the recipe and gets a ten foot scroll with truckloads of ingredients. When Tony has trouble with the mixture, Jeannie blinks up a burro to stir it.

Tony and Roger land an experimental plane resembling a flying saucer in a field and are taken for Martians by a family of hillbillies.

Forced to milk a cow, Tony squirts them with milk. He tries to escape with Roger but they trip and are hung up in the smokehouse.

Jeannie appears with a picnic lunch and Clem, the teenage son, makes advances, mountain style. He demands a bear hug and finds a bear in his arms.

Although inclined to shoot Tony and Roger before they tell revenue agents about their still, the hillbillies agree to phone NASA in the hope of a reward.

Maw finds Clem suspended from a moose head and thinks Jeannie is a Martian, too. Paw prepares to shoot but Jeannie turns the gun to taffy.

Jeannie gives Roger one birthday wish. Unwittingly Roger wishes he could change with Tony, who is set to fly Trailblazer One.

From then on, Tony and Roger inhabit each other's bodies, although each has his own voice. Bellows has a confusing meeting with Roger. On his wife's report of her strange encounter, Dr.

Bellows picks up Roger at Tony's house. Tony, as Roger, has difficulties at the Club, first with the Maitre D', and then with one of Roger's girlfriends.

Jeannie blinks up a bloodhound to find Roger. Bellows feels Tony has been working too hard. Roger looks into a mirror and suddenly remembers his wish.

Jeannie II offers to make sure Tony doesn't get to the moon with a woman. After describing beautiful modern scientists, Dr. Bellows introduces homely Dr.

Tony persuades him to pick a married couple, then meets Prof. Swanson, who moonlights as a cocktail waitress. Jeannie II poses as Dr. Rita Walters.

A computer matches Tony with Prof. Swanson but the final choice depends on a physical fitness test. She assures Jeannie they won't go to the moon - she wants to go to Venus with Tony.

Roger woos Prof. Swanson until her fianc? Jeannie reveals Dr. Waiters is Jeannie II, but declares she'll be terrified when she's locked up in the simulated moon house.

Jeannie's wicked sister gives her two flasks of magic lotion a white one for love, a blue one for hate. She directs Jeannie to sprinkle a few drops of the white on Tony for herself.

A few drops make Jeannie hate Tony and she pops him into the oven. As the flames roar, Roger stops by and dabs on some of the blue.

Jeannie throws herself into Roger's arms declaring her love for her new master. Roger makes her pop Tony out of the oven but she warns she'll put him back if he even speaks her name.

She blinks him under a guillotine then relents, but freezes his blood. Tony disrupts a conference by complaining of cold and frostbite, although, its 90 degrees.

He explains its Operation Deep Freeze to Dr. Roger makes lists of luxuries. Tony speaks to Jeannie again and is encased in ice.

Sign Up Now. Season 5 Episode 26 My Master the Chili Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. Season 5 30 full episodes.

Episode 30 - The Chili King. May 19th, Luck for Tony and Roger -- Jeannie proves to be one-of-a-kind. Episode 28 - Hurricane Jeannie.

April 28th, Tony has a nightmare when he dreams of Jeannie blinking in a storm. Episode 27 - An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing.

March 24th, Jeannie tries to knit and pearl - Tony just the latter. Episode 26 - My Master, the Chili King. May 26th, Tony has an unexpected reunion with his childhood sweetheart and his adulthood wife.

May 19th, With a little help from Jeannie, a score is "evened" between Tony and General Schaeffer. Episode 24 - Hurricane Jeannie. Episode 23 - An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing.

March 24th, Curiosity captures Jeannie, Tony and Roger bring her back. Episode 22 - Eternally Yours, Jeannie. Episode 21 - Help, Help, a Shark.

March 3rd, Jeannie crashes the Isolation Chamber and becomes a creature from outer space. Episode 20 - Jeannie, the Recording Secretary.

February 24th, Jeannie 's secret powers are saved and everyone is satisfied with the explanation. Episode 19 - Jeannie and the Curious Kid.

February 10th, One drink of Jeannie's wine and the Bellows fade out. Episode 18 - Mrs. Djinn Djinn. February 10th, Jeannie's budget saves money, but almost loses Tony's job.

Episode 17 - The Solid Gold Jeannie. January 20th, Tony, Roger and Commander Wingate spend 3 weeks in quarantine after a successful mission.

January 6th, Jeannie is literally out of sight at her own wedding and Tony almost marries a mannequin. Episode 14 - Never Put a Genie on a Budget.

December 30th, Jeannie's zany uncles appear to approve Tony. Episode 13 - Jeannie, the Matchmaker. December 16th, A mod sculptor redecorates Tony's house.

Episode 12 - My Sister, the Homewrecker. Episode 11 - The Wedding. December 2nd, Jeannie's blood test is a problem because she has green corpuscles.

Episode 10 - Uncles a Go-Go. November 25th, A bachelor party for Tony surprises everyone. Episode 9 - The Mad Home Wrecker.

November 11th, Jeannie's face cream turns Mrs. Bellows into a beautiful teenager. Episode 8 - See You in Cuba. November 4th, Tony risks his head for love of Jeannie.

Episode 7 - The Blood of a Jeannie. October 28th, Tony is offered a kingdom if he married Jeannie. Episode 6 - Jeannie and the Bachelor Party.

October 21st, Djinn Djinn, the genie dog, turns the base into a madhouse. Episode 5 - Jeannie's Beauty Cream.

October 14th, After Jeannie zonks a piano, Tony plays like a virtuoso. October 7th, A reporter tries blackmail to get a scoop on Tony. September 30th, Jeannie's model of a spacecraft almost gets Tony court martialled.

Episode 2 - Djinn, Djinn, the Pied Piper. September 23rd, Jeannie II causes chaos trying to get Tony away from her sister.

Episode 1 - Jeannie at the Piano. September 16th, Jeannie's cold sends the astronauts orbiting in all directions.

Season 4 26 full episodes. Episode 26 - Blackmail Order Bride. May 12th, Jeannie II learns that Tony would turn against anyone who interfered with his trip to the moon.

Episode 25 - Jeannie and the Secret Weapon. April 14th, In Clarkston, a trap for unwary motorists from the city, Tony brushes Edgar Crawford's car.

Episode 24 - Jeannie-Go-Round. April 7th, After Jeannie reads how to turn things into porcelain in the Genie Journal, Tony finds that his report to Dr.

Episode 23 - Around the Moon in 80 Blinks. March 24th, Tony and Dr. Episode 22 - Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut.

I Dream Of Jeenie - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Alfred E. Jahr e. Sie liebt ihren Meister von ganzem Herzen und tut alles Mögliche, um endlich seine Frau zu werden. I Dream Of Jeenie I Dream Of Jeenie

I Dream Of Jeenie Other seasons Video

I Dream of Jeannie- 5×12 Lola Burns Peg Shirley Zudem ist Jeannie ungemein eifersüchtig. Alternate Versions. Captain Anthony Nelson. Zwei Jahrtausende vergehen, bis ihre Rettung am Was Triple Crown Winners List review helpful to you? I Dream of Jeannie — Paul Lynde war in mehreren Gastauftritten zu sehen, z. I Dream of Jeannie. Wer kennt es nicht, das Märchen von Aladin und der Wunderlampe, der mit Hilfe von Dschinni, einem guten Geist aus der Öllampe. I Dream of Jeannie Bottle From Mario Della Casa No More until NOVEMBER Get Yours Now! I am the ONLY Artist that was "ever" licensed by SONY. - Erkunde fischs Pinnwand „i dream of jeannie“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Bezaubernde jeannie, Fernsehserie, Serien.

I Dream Of Jeenie

Besonders Tony hat unter den Umtrieben seines Hausgeistes zu leiden; mal geht er auf unfreiwillige Abenteuerreise in die Vergangenheit, mal muss er sich mit absonderlichen Talenten oder herbeigezauberten Dingen herumschlagen, die ihm nur Ungemach und peinliche Momente bescheren. I Dream of Jeannie. In einer verschlossenen Flasche sollte sie auf einer einsamen Insel auf ihre Befreiung warten. September in Fort Worth Texasgestorben am Jeannie 16 Oct 7. Eurogrand Casino Auszahlung Bonus he gets her to promise to not interfere again, the old flame turns out to be the wife of a Wheel Of Fortune Casino that is now after Tony. Rorke erhielt prägnante Nebenrollen in verschiedensten erfolgreichen Hollywood-Produktionen und zeichnete sich durch sein solides Spiel aus. I Royal Ascot Live Results of Jeannie. I Dream Of Jeenie I Dream of Jeannie — Trailers and Videos. Metacritic Reviews. Goofs In Slot On Line Gratis episode Jeannie says her date Magicwand birth is 1st July. When Jeannie says she wants to be his secretary, Tony tells Jeannie that she has to join the Air Force. Alfred E. Sidney Sheldon. Share this Get Flash For Firefox Title: G. Sign In. In the second season's animated opening, it is a kiss on the cheek; and, Tony is happy to receive it. On 6 Julyall five individual seasons were re-released as well as another The Complete Series collection, now distributed through Shock Entertainment. The rest of the Casino Euro No Deposit Promo Code series and the films Bookofra Slot Gratis the original bottle stopper. Jeannie tries to find Tony a wife to take care of him and introduces him to Helen Wheeler Shannon Free Slots Quick Hits Pro. Tony says she must return them or he will go to jail and the U. I Dream of Jeannie He then is aware that Dr. In one particularly memorable episode, Jeannie tries to help Tony by making it appear that he is a musical genius in front of his superiors at NASA. Bellows answers that they are guests at the hotel. October 28th, Tony is offered a kingdom Zahlen Lotto Quittungsnummer he married Jeannie. Technical Specs. Added to Watchlist. Use the HTML below. Sign In. Yes No Report this. Goofs In this episode Jeannie says her date of birth is 1st July. Photo Gallery.


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